eyp españa -day one

GIRONA  As you may noticed, I wasn’t blogging for a week. My absence was due to the fact that I was in Spain, Girona to me specific, working with a bunch of amazing people to find solutions to the problem: “With 20% of the young population being at the risk of poverty, how should the EU tackle the issue of socially marginalised juveniles in order to guarantee equal rights and social stability.” After working for 2 days, we found the most efficient solutions that we could come up with, but our resolution didn’t pass in the General Assembly where every committee gets the chance to share their ideas and present their resolutions. It was of course sad that our resolution failed and it decreased our motivation as well but it didn’t effect the fact that we were connected, despite the borders and miles, we were a family. We were basically 10 people, working at a problem but the picture was more deep than that. We shared our lives, personalities, thoughts and fears with each other while enjoying every single second of our time together. This was surely my greatest EYP experience and it’s all because of my lovely committee friends. I will talk more about them in my following posts, but let me first tell you about my first day in Spain.

As the Turkey delegation, our plain arrived to Barcelona airport and we were supposed to take the bus and train to make our way to Girona. It was a hard process indeed since non of us spoke Spanish and most of the people didn’t know English. So, we used the most common and possibly the most important language in the world: Body Language. We got lost a couple of times due to these obstacles and after traveling for 7 hours, we were finally at our accomadations, in Campus de Montilivi. There were basically two rooms, a single room where you’re assigned to a roommate and a double room where you can stay by yourself. Because the single rooms didn’t have any space to breath, I chose to get a double room where there were more space and freedom. The campus was designed as apartments, all apartments had a living room at the first floor and then four rooms upstairs. I loved my apartment-mates as well, one boy from Finland, a girl from Austria and another one from another country that I can’t remember now. I suck when it comes to memorization.

After settling down to our rooms, it was too late for us to have our dinner at Montivili so we went outside and discovered the beautiful, quite and mysterious city, Girona. We then, found a small restaurant and had our meals. Then we went straight to the bed.


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