eyp españa -day four

COMMITTEE WORK  First day of committee work couldn’t be any better. Committee works suck most of the time, cause all you do is just sit on a chair all day long and talk about facts and problems about your topic. The first day, you feel like you’re brain is going to explode cause after two days of fun in team building, you’re forced to keep your face serious throughout the day. This day however was different than the normal. As a committee, we worked really quick and found solutions rather easy. We had time to play some more games and talk about random stuff. It was sure an amazing period of time for me and for them too. Every one was always wearing their smiles on their faces, precious view I must tell. The day finished with the Iberian Party which took place at a great bar that located in the middle of the woods. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos from the party.
Oh how I miss Libe I…


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