eyp españa -day two

TEAM BUILDING I remember how I woke up this day and I’m pretty positive that I won’t ever forget it. It started with the ringing on our bell and then continued with the shouting: “wake up call”. I was on the edge of my bed and was about to fall down from my bed, literally. I thought this would suck, the whole EYP thing; I wasn’t very pleased with my first day and my room and I was in a pessimistic mood. When I walked downstairs to the dining room, there were 50 strangers, eating quietly, looking around. I didn’t have a clue that 10 of them were going to be my family then. I ate my breakfast which was half of a bread and some cheese. I wasn’t feeling so good to eat a proper breakfast.

After that, they took us to an auditorium and the opening ceremony started. I was faced with 150 strangers there, making my way to sit with my Turk friends. I was thinking that my experience here would continue like this, boring. I always prepare myself for the worst, but I didn’t expect something like this, it was totally magical and fun and lively. We then, gathered in a gym, everyone was sitting with their countries’ delegations, looking around for a familiar face. Then the country presentations took place, each of the delegations were supposed to sing a song from their countries for 2 minutes. We chose to sing “Şımarık” by Tarkan. And after the presentations were finished, the hard part began, going to our committees.
9 strangers looking at one face to another, a bit weird but mostly shy. We played games and made a complete fool of ourselves for two days, the first day was rather calm and quiet compared to the next day since this was the first time that we were spending time together. We first played two rounds of a name game, I suck at remembering almost everything but I’m worst when it comes to names. I couldn’t remember any names, they were all very difficult since everyone was from other countries and I wasn’t familiar with their names, not even a bit. At the end of the day, there was this thing called “Eurovilliage” where every country presented their foods with the others. It was awkward how Greece and Turkey brought the same food, they even brought Turkish Delight, TURKISH guys, com’on! Anyways, my favorite kitchen was probably Romania with their amazing cheese and wine. Seriously, the best wine ever. We presented our foods with our belly dance, crazy huh? I know.
So, the first day basically was all about the games for the sake to create a warmer atmosphere. I was the youngest delegate, probably the most energetic one. Although I didn’t talk that much, my feelings from the morning changed into the thought that, this experience wouldn’t suck that much.
For more photos click: http://iberianforum.wordpress.com/ and press Libe I.


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