eyp españa -day six

LA COSTA BRAVA  This day was pretty relaxed and calm compared to what we experienced in the past few days. We took a break from all the committee work and hit to the beach. Unfortunately, the weather was extremely bad, it was rainy and cold so we couldn’t enjoy the sea as we planned. Still, we played cards on the beach and swam a bit. Also, some random guys were digging a hole for fun and asked if I would want to get in. When I did, they started to put all the sand on me and so I wasn’t able to move for quite some time. When I got out of the hole, I was all covered with sand so I had to swim again.

When we arrived to our accommodations, the GA preparation took place. Here, our two chairs; Alison and Panayiotis asked whether we wanted to have a role at the GA or not. I was selected to answer the questions but couldn’t because they gave us only 3 rounds and I was assigned for the 4th one. Anyways, the day continued with the scavenger hunt. In the scavenger hunt, we were supposed to toss a coin in to the river and make a committee wish. We wished that we would continue talking after the session ends. After the wish, we were supposed to make a human pyramid which was rather hard for me since I was wearing a skirt. The scavenger hunt continued with the assignment of hugging as much random people as possible. Our journey finished at a beautiful restaurant where we enjoyed our lovely committee dinner.

After these, we went to a cute little club and had fun.




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