OOTD: 21 guns

The rest of the photos that my brother and I did earlier today. 
I’ll be spending my days at this marvelous place just relaxing, reading a couple of books, going into the pool and taking more photos for my blog. In less than two weeks, my Dershane is beginning and I’m more than scared to face the upcoming year. I’m a Senior and the last year in highschool is always a challenge here in Turkey because the big exam is harder than anywhere else, I mean it. So, Dershane is just like a school that I have to go after my regular school to solve some test and get prepared better. Wish me luck guys, I’ll need it! But for now, let’s not ruin my last days in piece and talk about it. Have a lovely day y’all!

 This little guy takes most of my photos.

Sunnies from Romwe,
Cut out shorts from Bershka.


10 thoughts on “OOTD: 21 guns

  1. Wow so many photos :$
    Now i know the right place to visit every time ^^
    They are all good, next time … aww nevermind (:


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