I’m a space bound rocket ship and your heart’s the moon

Hello to everyone, but specially to my new followers! 
My days are pretty much the same lately, just sitting at home, looking through beautiful blogs while eating ice-cream and stuff. It’s 32 degrees at the moment here in Istanbul and it feels even hotter because of the humidity (I’m not even sure that’s the right word for that). I sometimes can’t even sleep during the nights… 
Yesterday, my mom, brother and I went to see the Ice Age 4 and it was hilarious, if you’re an animation fan like myself, then I strongly recommend you to go see it. (Ice Age is one of my favorite movies, considering the fact that I don’t really watch any movies, but still!) After that, I brought some new goodies which will be on my next post, coming up probably tomorrow.
Anyways, this post is mostly the remaining photos of our little photoshoot that my brother and I did during our time at dad’s place. 

Tell me what you think! ❤ And have a lovely day.


39 thoughts on “I’m a space bound rocket ship and your heart’s the moon

  1. So it begins …. *-*

    I liked it, and also the “new followers” part 😛

    I saw some new pics there aaaand i have to tell you that it's not fair!
    They are all good, and the second pool picture is just awesome, that smile *-*
    Keep on, never stop, you have a new fan 😉


  2. You're SO lucky to have such weathers! I feel like it's always under 20 degrees and rainy weathers here in Finland this summer.. Probably I should fly to Turkey as soon as possible ;D Ice Age sounds great but I'm actually already looking forward so seeing Madagascar (haha :D)! You look amazing, like always<3 I adore your hair in every single picture:) Ps. tell your bro that he's very talented photographer!

    xoxo Eeva


  3. Hahah we can trade the weathers if you want, I could use some Finnish cold weather now, it's really unbreathable in here… But you should definitely come to Turkey one day, and let me know of course! 🙂 Thanks so much, and my brother is jumping because of your comment. :))


  4. Hello, lovely images and great blog. I love your sunnies. I follow you now via bloglovin/7 and gfc/67, I will be so happy if you follow back:)
    xx chris


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