You’re the Broken One, But I’m the Only One Who Needed Saving

As much as this post’s title somehow show the opposite, I couldn’t be quite happier. The school’s off because of the snow, which is still pouring(!), I’m done with my Finals, the results are pretty fine, and here I am, posting more frequently and showing you yet another outfit. It’s almost -2 degrees outside, and I’m wearing 2 sweaters and plus have a blanket wrapped up around my body, I really don’t know how people can deal with colder weathers, I’m really longing for summer to come as soon as possible. Today, I’ll try to post another outfit with the actual snow falling, if I don’t turn into a snow-woman, and just relax and enjoy the peace with my lovely cats.
As for the outfit, I loved this skirt whenever I saw it on on other bloggers so I ordered it from inlovewithfashion. Well, it’s a size S but it’s still a bit big for me so keep that in mind if you want to order this same skirt. Apart from the fact that it’s big, I think it looks pretty fine? Oh and yes, I went to the hairdresser to get my hair straight for a day and it looks like this, even though it gets its curls back because of the humid air. What do you guys think? Oh and guys, I’m thinking of buying a 50 mm lens for my lovely Nikon, should I get a f/1.8 or f/1.4?

Wearing: Top, H&M // Scarf, from Germany // Skirt, inlovewithfashion // Boots, gift from Mom // Cross Ring, Bershka // Hair Rings as Normal Rings, Regalrose

14 thoughts on “You’re the Broken One, But I’m the Only One Who Needed Saving

  1. You look magnificently with straigt hair! I want to tell you how sweet your smile is and how beautiful you are. You take great pictures. Dear Till


  2. I know a lot of people dont get it, but I LOVE winter and snow 😀 anyways, really like your skirt and the whole outfit, I have curly hair too so I know the problem with hair straightening 😀 I love love your knuckle rings, been trying to find them for a while now 😦


  3. Hahah I'm one of those who don't get, how can you love winter?! 😀 Curly hair rules, but sometimes it's great to have a change! And as for the knuckle rings, I recommend these Regalrose's Hair Rings, you can use them for both! 🙂


  4. here in Poland we have -8 degrees almost whole winter, hehe
    but it is a matter of habit, few layers of warm sweaters and you are rescued : D

    and this skirt looks pretty amazing on you


  5. Oh God, I really can't imagine what I'd do in such weather! I'd probably wrap myself around 230923 blankets, sit in front of the fire place and drink hot tea. 😀
    Thank you so much!


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