How Do You Say "This Sucks" in French?

Another day, yet another Punk side of me. I really love how these clothes make me feel; edgy and cool. I’ve always known that there is a boy inside of me, seeking to find his way out by these skull figures and weird caps. Also, I completely and utterly hate the fact that my break will be officially over in a couple of hours whereas I’ll be stuck with the usual school work and teenage troubles. Now I gotta run, ’cause we will go to Sushico with my dad and bro. My favourite restaurant in the whole universe, see you guys!
P.S.: I’m in love with my Brother’s wall, don’t you agree? (Even though no one in my family knows any French)
Photos by: Efe Güler

Wearing: Spiked Cap, Romwe // Sunnies, Romwe // Leather Jacket, Stradivarius // Skull T-Shirt, H&M // Leggins, Romwe // Spiked Boots, Thrift Store


26 thoughts on “How Do You Say "This Sucks" in French?

  1. I like these velvet leggings sooo much. And i must say this look really suits you. Especially with cat-eye makeup :3

    Your brother's wall and sofa are great background to make photoshoots! I wish I had similar decor in my room…


  2. I love everything
    You look amazing as always and this style is so cool on you:)
    I'm waiting your new stylish post 🙂


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