I’m Like a Bird, I’ll Only Fly Away

I’m not a girl who enjoys the wind, if I’m not sitting by the beach and the wind is rather a cool breeze touching my skin, then I might change my mind, and lately, the wind drives me crazy. And I’m telling you this because it took me literally half an hour to take proper photos without my hat flying around or my skirt driving me nuts. During the nights, I often wake up due to the wind storm happening just outside, which is very unlikely I must say, since Istanbul is known for its humid air rather than this crazy, windy weather. But I guess it’s better than cold, right? Everything is better than cold.

Only 5 days, actually 4, left for the big exam and I’m having nightmares about it. Am I too weird to overreact this much? I want this year to finally be over so that I can be in university, surrounded by new people, new friends and new environment. Highschool took way too longer than necessary. I don’t know how I’ll spend my time until the exam, but me and my friends have already made plans how to celebrate it afterwards! Plus, I’m participating as an organiser in an EYP conference which I’m looking very forward to. And yeah, before you ask let me tell you, I feel like a 3 year old when I wear two braids. 
P.S.: Since GFC is shutting down (WHY GOD WHY?!), I’ve decided to open a Bloglovin‘ account, so if you follow me there, make sure you let me know and I’ll get back to you!
And P.P.S.: Since Formspring is shutting down too, I’ve got an Ask.fm account (you can reach to it by clicking the button on the right sidebar), if you have any questions regarding anything really, feel free to ask them there.

Wearing: Hat, ASOS // Hoop Earrings, ANYWHERE // Blouse, KOTON // Skirt, INLOVEWITHFASHION // Heels, PULL&BEAR.

28 thoughts on “I’m Like a Bird, I’ll Only Fly Away

  1. Everything seems to be shutting down! I'm following you know on Bloglovin! =) And good luck with the exam! I know what you coul do before it: Studyy! 😀 Sounds nice? I'm also having my last exam tomorrow and I'm in panic 😡


  2. Loved your style, especially the skirt and belt! The location is also great, I love to see the city in the background! So beautiful pictures and you look so sweet and pretty! Well done!


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