I Wanna Stay Inside All Day, I Want the World to Go Away

Within two weeks, I’ll be done with my exams, my worries will be long gone and I’ll be jumping up and down, waiting for my trip with my friends to finally begin. We all deserved it so much. Also, demonstrations from all over are still going on full speed.

İki hafta içersinde, sınavlarımdan kurtulmuş, endişelerimden arınmış ve arkadaşlarımla gideceğim tatilin getirdiği heyecanla sürekli zıplıyor olacağım. Bunu hepimiz fazlasıyla hak ettik. Bu arada, her yerdeki eylemler tam gaz devam ediyor.

I wish I wasn’t such a narcissist // I wish I didn’t really kiss the mirror when I’m on my own // Oh God, I’m gonna die alone // Adolescence didn’t make sense // A little loss of innocence // The ugly years of being a fool // Ain’t youth meant to be beautiful?
Yeah I wish I’d been a, wish I’d been a teen, teen idle // Wish I’d been a prom queen fighting for the title // Instead of being sixteen and burning up a Bible // Feeling super, super, super suicidal // The wasted years, the wasted youth // The pretty lies, the ugly truth // And the day has come where I have died // Only to find I’ve come alive.

 Wearing: Spiked Cap, ROMWE // Crop-Top & Harem Pants, BERSHKA // Black Heels, PULL & BEAR.

16 thoughts on “I Wanna Stay Inside All Day, I Want the World to Go Away

  1. Such a cool outfit, u are very beautiful girl with gorgeous hair. If u are going to go to Taksim again, then I wish u good luck and be realy careful, it barely can be save over there!


  2. Actually, it's worse… The police attacked again early this morning, I don't know where this will go… But thank you anyway, hope you have a great day with your lovely family. 🙂


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