If Our Love is Tragedy, Why Are You My Remedy?

My last day of highschool was today and I didn’t even go to my school to get my report card or clean my locker. My graduation ceremony will take place in the 26th of June so I thought, since I have to go my school then, I might as well save all the goodbyes and hugs to that day. It’s so clear that I’ll end up with red eyes and tears all over my face that day, so why upset myself from today? Also, I’m almost done with my university entrance exams, I had my Maths and Geometry last Sunday and I’m not going to comment on either, and this Sunday, the nightmare will be over for once and for all after I’ll take my Literature and Geography exams. So fun to be a student here in Turkey…
On the other hand, after this week, a lot of fun stuff are waiting for me. My graduation ceremony, my actual graduation (with the meals and the gowns and stuff), the after-parties and my trip with my dearest friends are just around the corner and even writing these make me ecstatic. And plus, the weather is soo beautiful that it gives you a better mood instantly. How are things for you guys?
Lisenin son günü benim için bugündü ve karnemi almak ve ya dolabımı toplamak için bile okuluma gitmedim. Mezuniyet törenim ayın 26’sında olacak ve düşündüm ki, o gün zaten okula gitme zorunluluğum olduğundan ötürü, bütün vedalaşmayı ve sarılmaları o güne saklayabilirim. O günün bitiminde ağlayacağım çok aşikar, dolayısıyla neden kendimi bugünden üzeyim ki? Aynı zamanda, üniversite sınavlarım neredeyse bitti, Matematik ve Geometri sınavlarımı geçen Pazar verdim ve ikisiyle ilgili de yorum yapmayacağım, ve bu Pazar, Edebiyat ve Coğrafya sınavlarımdan sonra kabus sona erecek. Türkiye’de öğrenci olmak çok eğlenceli…
Öte yandan, bu haftanın bitimiyle, benim için çok eğlenceli şeyler olacak. Mezuniyet törenim, gerçek mezuniyetim (yemekler, elbiseler ve diğer şeylerle birlikte), partiler ve en yakın arkadaşlarımla çıkacağım tatil bugünden pek de uzak değil ve bunlar hakkında yazmak bile beni çok heyecanlandırıyor. Ayrıca, hava o kadar güzel ki ruh halinizi anında yükseltiyor. Siz nasılsınız?

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32 thoughts on “If Our Love is Tragedy, Why Are You My Remedy?

  1. Congrats on your last day of school! I was so relieved to graduate as I just didn't like school ever! Ha ha! You look gorgeous in these photos and I love your head wrap! Also, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog dear!

    I'm now following you and just followed you on your new Facebook! Hope you will stop back soon! xx Pip

    Easy Outfits by Pip


  2. You know what, while reading your post I caught myself on idea that I have finished school 10 years ago. How sad and weird at the same time, because I still can't believe it was with me, I mean school. By the way, Maths and Geometry were a real battle to me and I still hate these subjects. Time is running like crazy, seriously, and I wish you make a right choice with university and following steps in your life!
    I must also say, that thought you are living in Turkey, mostly your outfits are so edgy and bold! I mean for Russia (as example) such outfit is definitely okay, but I know how people in Turkey may react, even at Istanbul. You know what I'm talking about. You must be a truly adventurous girl and a realy beautiful for sure:)BTW where were these pictures taken? Such a picturesque place!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra


  3. Thank you for your every single word, it's really unfortunate that what you said about Turkey is the truth. I mostly will wear this on my vacation during the next weeks in Kemer, which is “more okay” for these to be seen on girls…
    I actually had everything dreamt and planned regarding my future, I know where I want to go, what I want to study, how I want to study and what I want to do afterwards, it's just entering the university is the biggest obstacle towards this…
    This is actually my dad's front yard, it's really beautiful. 🙂


  4. Dearest Eda, how wonderful, that your exams come to an end, and I´m sure you will get best marks in each test! And you look so beautiful in your dungarees, I´m absolutely in love with dungarees at the moment <3

    And it was the right desision in my opinion, that you didn´t go to school on your last day of highschool 🙂

    xx from Bavaria, Rena



  5. Thank you so much Dear Rena, dungarees look really beautiful on you as well! 🙂 I hope that you're right about my exams! Have a wonderful time with your lovely family. 🙂


  6. great look! its so hard to find a flattering pair of dungarees, i'll have to try new look 🙂 I'd love us to follow eachother on bloglovin and gfc, check out my fashion blog if you'd like and ill follow you now 🙂


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