The Fight of Our Live’s Been Drawn in This Undying Love

I’m a big fan of all kinds of rebel stuff, like the one you see below. That, and so many other reasons are why I’m a huge fan of the band Green Day. They’re one of the most brilliant people I’ve ever seen came together to make an art when they’re just pouring their hearts out. Their albums American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown are just two of their greatest achievements, where they tell the story of two lost lovers, trapped in a corrupted era, trying to escape from all the political crap around them. When I was wearing this shirt, Green Day was playing in my head, so I decided to dedicate this post to my favourite band. I know their music isn’t for everybody, my mom call them pain for example. So in about 2 days, I’ll be gone to my vacation with my friends in Kemer, in about 10 days, I’ll be celebrating my 18th birthday, and within a month, I’ll be preparing for my driver’s licence exam. Isn’t July the best month?! How about you guys? What type of music do you like? Any favourite bands or singers?
Asi şeylerin büyük bir hayranıyımdır, aşağıda gördüğünüz gibi. Bu, ve daha birçok neden yüzünden de Green Day grubunun da çok büyük bir hayranıyım. Hayatımda gördüğüm, bir araya gelerek sadece kalplerinden geçenleri söyleyerek sanat yapan en zeki insanlardan bu kişiler. American Idiot ve 21st Century Breakdown birçok başarılarından sadece ikisi, her iki albümde de, iki aşığın yozlaşmış bir çağdaki mücadelelerini ve politik zırvalıklardan kaçışlarını anlatıyorlar. Bu üstü giydiğim zaman, bu postu Green Day’e atamam gerektiğini hissettim çünkü tüm bu süre boyunca kafamda şarkıları çalıyordu. Biliyorum müzikleri herkes için değil, annem onlara ızdırap diyor mesela. Neyse, 2 gün içinde arkadaşlarımla Kemer’e tatile gidiyorum, 10 güne kadar 18 oluyorum, ve bir ay içersinde ehliyetim için gerekenleri yapmaya başlayacağım. Sizce de Temmuz en güzel ay değil mi?! Siz nasılsınız? Nasıl müzikler dinlemeyi seversiniz? Sevdiğiniz gruplar ya da şarkıcılar kimler?
Photos by: Efe Güler

 *Click on the links for the products.
Wearing: Sunnies, Romwe* // Top, 2DaysLook (sold out) // Leggings, Romwe* // Spiked Shoes, Romwe (sold out) // Bag, Chicwish* // Hairrings Used as Regular Rings, Regalrose*

37 thoughts on “The Fight of Our Live’s Been Drawn in This Undying Love

  1. I'm not a huge fan of Green day, though I like some of their songs. I like different styles and compositions, from classical music like Bah or Bethoven to turkish rap, like Sagopa Kajmer. In essence, music is one of the greatest inspiration to all of us, it's impossible to live without it.
    Have a great time, enjoy your vacation:)!

    Best wishes, Alexandra


  2. one of your best outfits 🙂 love these leggings 🙂 and love Greenday too but my fav band are def The Killers ❤ must see them live one day ! :**


  3. You're truly right about this as in many other stuff, I can't believe how some people don't really enjoy music, for me it's not even possible. Thank you so much, I actually had the best time there! 🙂


  4. Thanks for your honesty but I'm really fine with the way my body is. :)) I guess I seem fatter because I didn't wear heels, but still, it's okay for me. 🙂


  5. That's bullshit,seriously. Don't listen to any of those anonymous. I remember one person wrote me that I'm fat and ugly:) Such people have a bunch of complexes, they are not confident in themselves, that is really sad. Nobody has that right to judge. You look beautiful and skinny, trust me.


  6. Hey, thank you for this! But honestly, I don't really care whether people call me skinny or fat, as long as I'm healthy. 🙂 But what you said is of course true, most people do have complexes towards their bodies, they just keep making themselves sad…


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