Sometimes I Feel Like Saying, "Lord I Just Don’t Care"

Do you know the feeling you get when you used to do something for a long time that you get used to it, and all of a sudden when you stop doing it, you just feel plain empty. That’s the kind of feeling, flowing through my veins nowadays, finding nothing to do after the fun times I had in Antalya. I’m eager to know which university I’ll get accepted to, which will be announced at the end of the month, and I also have to go and register for a driving school for my licence. Being 18 is not fun so far I’m telling you, but I wasn’t expecting something different anyway. On the bright side, I’m going to Italy on August 3rd with my father and brother. We’ll visit Rome, Florence and Venice, I already packed my stuff haha. I hope you guys are in much better moods!
Bir şeyi çok uzun zaman yapıp ona alıştıktan sonra bir anda sona ermesiyle üstünüze çöken o boşluk hissini bilir misiniz? Antalya’daki eğlenceli günlerimden sonra evde yapacak bir şey bulamadığımdan, son günlerde damarlarımda bu his akıyor. Hangi üniversiteye kabul edileceğimi öğrenmek için can atıyorum, ki bu ay sonuna kadar belli olmalı, ayrıca gidip bir sürücü kursuna da kayıt olmam gerekiyor. Size söylüyorum, 18 olmak şu ana kadar hiç de eğlenceli gitmiyor, gerçi aksini hiç düşünmemiştim. İyi tarafından bakılırsa, Ağustos’un 3ünde babam ve kardeşimle beraber İtalya’ya gidiyorum. Roma, Floransa ve Venedik’i gezeceğiz, şimdiden bavulumu hazırladım bile haha. Umarım siz benimkinden çok daha iyi bir ruh hali içersindesinizdir!
Photos by: Efe Güler
 Wearing: Ring & Skirt & Heels, Thrifted // Blouse & Bralette, Bershka // Sunnies, Zerouv

6 thoughts on “Sometimes I Feel Like Saying, "Lord I Just Don’t Care"

  1. Dearest Eda, sounds like you are in a vacuum at the moment – not really funny, I understand! But I´m sure you will take this time for you in the best way – and like I see in the great pictures for example you create wonderful outfits at the moment <3

    And I´m sure you will get the driving licence very soon! This is interesting, because our son makes at the moment his driving licence, too, and fortunately he has finished the theoretical part with success. Btw – our son is 18 like you!

    Wish you only the best and that you´re as lucky as it´s necessary for your actual situation.

    xoxo from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  2. Wow, being at the same as your son sounds really cool but I'm guessing that you're way younger than my own mother? 🙂 Thank you so much for your kindest wishes, I feel way better now. :))


  3. Love your blouse 🙂 I been feeling like this almost for a month now since my exams are done 😀 but you at least get to go somewhere, and Itaaaaly ❤ thats gona be aaaaaaamazing, and Istanbul isnt too bad either for Summer fun 😀


  4. :)) Istanbul is actually really humid it's impossible to walk under the sun, but I'm really looking forward to my trip to Italy. I hope you're doing something fun as well since you deserved it! xx


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