You’re Doing All These Things Out of Desparation

I just came home from a lovely day with my bestie Seray, we first talked for hours in a cute little cafe in this beautiful weather and then had fun in the amusement park. (I’m 18, yes) It really felt great talking with her after the long holiday that we spent apart (because I was with my friends from school and she was with her family) but on the bright side, after like 12 years apart, we’ll finally be in the same school, again! We met in kindergarten and I can’t imagine the amazing time that we’ll have together for four years in college! And plus, Verda, who is one of my closest friends for several years now will be in the same college as I am, I couldn’t be much happier! Can’t wait for them to meet and hang in our little gang. ­čÖé I love them both, very much.
En yak─▒n arkada┼č─▒m Seray‘la ge├žirdi─čim g├╝zel g├╝n├╝n ard─▒ndan eve yeni geldim, ├Ânce minik ┼čirin bir kafede saatlerce konu┼čtuk, sonra da l├╝naparka gittik. (18 ya┼č─▒nday─▒m, evet) Yaz boyunca hi├ž g├Âr├╝┼čememi┼čtik, ben arkada┼člar─▒mla tatildeydim, o da ailesiyle birlikte yazl─▒kta, ve onunla konu┼čmak ├žok iyi geldi, iyi taraf─▒ndan bak─▒l─▒rsa, yakla┼č─▒k bir 12 y─▒ldan sonra onunla tekrar ayn─▒ okulda olaca─č─▒m! Anas─▒n─▒f─▒nda tan─▒┼čm─▒┼čt─▒k ve ├╝niversitenin d├Ârt y─▒l─▒ boyunca beraber ge├žirece─čimiz anlar i├žin sab─▒rs─▒zlan─▒yorum! Ayr─▒ca, Verda‘da orada olacak, kendisi birka├ž senedir en yak─▒nlar─▒mdan, daha mutlu olamazd─▒m! Bu ikisinin tan─▒┼čmas─▒n─▒ ve kendi minik ├╝├žl├╝ grubumuzda tak─▒lmak i├žin can at─▒yorum. ­čÖé ─░kisini de ├žok seviyorum.

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Wearing:┬áCrop Top, BERSHKA // Maxi Skirt*, TOBI // Rings*, ROMWE // Earring, THRIFTED // Shoes, MOM’S CLOSET.

10 thoughts on “You’re Doing All These Things Out of Desparation

  1. This look made of my dreams ??? ­čÖé
    You look so attractive and classy especially I love your top
    Have a great day , dear


  2. Thank you so so much Alexandra! :)) I guess it's either Ortak├Ây or ─░stiklal. ­čÖé I also like Kad─▒k├Ây but it's a bit too crowded, but the view is great? I really can't chose. ­čÖé


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