Yes, I’m a Sinner, Yes, I’m a Saint

Photos by: Efe GÜLER
Top, Romwe // Leggings, Sustilo // Rings, Forever 21 // Everything Else, Thrifted

QUICK POST  I didn’t want to skip a day of my posting routine so here is the latest thing that I’ve wore, quite simple and comfy actually. Now, I gotta run for school and have my English quiz. After my courses, I’ll just wait around for my friends in the campus while enjoying a book, and tonight, we’ll go out and eat Chinese. It’s Dorina’s last day in here before she goes off to London again so might as well make the best of it. Wish me luck and take care!

HIZLI POST  Normal post rutinimden sapmamak adına size en son giydiğim kıyafeti gösteriyorum, oldukça sade ve rahat. Şimdi, okula gidip İngilizce quizi olmam lazım. Sonrasında, arkadaşlarımı bekliyor olacağım, elimde bir kitapla, ve bu akşam, hep beraber bir Çin restorantına gideceğiz. Bugün, Dorina’nın Londra’ya gitmeden önceki son günü, bu yüzden zamanımızı iyi değerlendirmeliyiz. Bana şans dileyin ve kendinize iyi bakın!


24 thoughts on “Yes, I’m a Sinner, Yes, I’m a Saint

  1. Oh, what a edgy coat you have, it looks just awesome! You look great, love such casual, chic outfits)
    how sad to hear
    that your friend is going away once again, but without parting would no meeting)


  2. Thanks a lot, it's actually my mom's. 🙂
    I guess we'll manage it this time since she'll be back one month later, we'll be okay with Skypeing until then. :))


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