It Seems Like Once Again You’ve Had to Greet Me With Goodbye

Hat, ASOS // Greek Key Bodysuit, Missguided // White Skort, Sheinside // Boots, Thrifted
MID-TERM WEEK IS OVER  I can’t really say that it was a week for me since I had only two midterms, but why am I complaining, I’ve got the rest of the week to just relax and do nothing!
This Saturday, I’ll have my driving exam and hopefully after like a month or so, I’ll get my driver’s licence. Next weekend, I’m going to Bursa for an EYP conference and while our topic on the Syrian refugees is a bit challenging, I’m still looking forward to it. Finally, the weekend after the conference, I’m flying to Lausanne along with two of my best friends, to visit another best friend, Lina. I simply can’t wait!
VİZE HAFTASI BİTTİ  Aslında tam bir haftaydı diyemem, çünkü benim sadece iki vizem vardı ama neden şikayet ediyorum ki, haftanın geri kalanında istediğim her şeyi yapabileceğim!
Bu Cumartesi, ehliyet sınavına gireceğim ve umuyorum ki bir ay kadar sonra, ehliyetime kavuşabileceğim. Bir sonraki haftasonu, Bursa’ya, bir AGP konferansına katılmaya gidiyorum ve her ne kadar Suriyeli mülteciler hakkındaki konumuz biraz zor olsa da, yine de bu konferansı dört gözle bekliyorum. Konferanstan sonraki haftasonu da, iki en yakın arkadaşımla beraber Lozan’a uçacağız, bir başka en yakınımızı, Lina’yı görmeye. Sabırsızlanıyorum!

Keep on smiling,
Gülümsemeye devam edin,


28 thoughts on “It Seems Like Once Again You’ve Had to Greet Me With Goodbye

  1. Oh my, you're coming to Switzerland! If you'll be around St.Gallen (the east) write me 🙂 However, you look amazing in this black and white outfit! 🙂


  2. Hey Tanja! I'll keep that in mind but I don't think we'll have enough time to visit another place since we'll be there for only the weekend. But thanks anyway, you're amazing. Thanks once again! 🙂 ❤


  3. Thanks Christine! 🙂
    EYP is short for the European Youth Parliament, a platform for youngsters to gather around and discuss current issues that Europe is facing (there are several different committees on Economics, Environment, Human Rights, Industry and Technology and etc.), and finding solutions regarding these problems. It's something similar to MUN if you're similar with that. 🙂


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