I Don’t Wanna Be Alone Forever, But I Can Be Tonight

As days go by, my mood changes, and the weather changes accordingly. Two days ago, the sun was shining outside and I didn’t mind hanging around with only a t-shirt, and yesterday it was minus something degrees with the snow falling down. I’m not complaining though, not at all, all the more reasons or excuse to stay at home and enjoy a cup of tea. It’s funny how Turks are the most tea consuming nation in the whole world, just a funny side fact.
It turns out that my Visa won’t come out for our trip, but that’s okay since I’ve got an integration exam, college is so fun… Oh and I’ve spent my time today, practicing my driving with my mom, and she’ll let me drive alone tonight, I’m going to pick up my best friends and we’ll go for a coffee.
One last thing: my brother said I look like an Indian princess, are there princesses there?

Gün geçtikçe modum değişiyor ve bununla birlikte değişen şeylerden bir diğeri de, hava durumu. İki gün önce parlayan güneşle birlikte, bir t-shirtle gezinirken, dün hava eksi bilmem kaç dereceydi ve kar yağıyordu. Şikayet etmiyorum gerçi, hem de hiç, çünkü bu evde oturup bir fincan çay içmek için bulduğum bir başka bahane. Türklerin tüm dünyada en çok çay tüketen millet olduklarını biliyor muydunuz, bence oldukça komik, minik bir ek bilgi olarak sunayım dedim.
Görünen o ki Vizem, haftasonuna planladığımız kaçamak için yetişmeyecek, ki bu iyi bir şey çünkü girmem gereken bir bütünleme sınavım var, üniversite çok eğlenceliymiş… Ah ve bugün tüm gün annemle araba kullandım ve kendisi bu akşam  en yakınlarımı alıp kahveye götürmeme izin verdi.
Son olarak da, kardeşim tam bir Hint prensesine benzediğimi öne sürdü, Hindistanda prensesler var mı ki?

Necklaces from Bershka
Thrifted Rings
Black Turban from ASOS (click)
Pink Furry Sweater from H&M
Black Dress from Missguided (click)
Transparent Clutch from Mango
Chunky Cut Out Boots from Chichwish (click)
Photos by: Efe GÜLER.
Keep on smiling,.
Gülümsemeye devam edin,.

46 thoughts on “I Don’t Wanna Be Alone Forever, But I Can Be Tonight

  1. You look amazing! I actually don't know if there are still “real” princesses in India, but he probably thought of these Bollywood movies where they are surrounded with anything expensive, looking amazing in their colorful dresses. Oh, bad you can't go to Thessaloniki, it's such a wonderful city! I've been there in summer and it was breathtaking.


  2. Hahah I agree, though he never saw one of them as far as I'm concerned.
    It definitely is, but maybe we'll go there someday around Spring, when the weather is more enjoyable too, who knows. I'm glad you liked it!
    Thanks a lot Tanja! ❤


  3. I got a similar transparent clutch like yours! (Well, I think they are a lot alike because they are all transparent and small!) hehe Have a nice day!! xx


  4. Eda I am actually confused..as from where should I start praising!! You look marvellous, from head to toe everything is fabulous!! I am in love with this look!! Loved that turban, pretty furry sweater, classic clutch and ofcourse that black dress too!! You look beyond beautiful <3 <3 <3
    Amazing photography Efe!! 🙂

    Hugs and kisses



  5. You just made me blush Charu, I'm so glad you liked the outfit! I'll let my brother see this comment, maybe he'll stop complaining in the future, haha.
    Thanks a lot for your kind words, you're the sweetest! ❤


  6. The weather has changed cardinally is just because I came to istanbul. Same old story, believe me lol
    I have to say this outfit it just one of my favourites! You look so feminine and sophisticated in those pieces, simply stunning! Fabulous pictures, especially the first one)))


  7. …Or because my semester break just started, haha, maybe it's because both of us!
    Thank you so much Alexandra, I'm flattered that someone who has an amazing sense of style likes what I'm putting together. I'll let my brother read this! 🙂


  8. Loving your pink fluffy jumper, I'm going to have to try find one like that in the H&M near me! How much was it? Those shoes are also so faaab! I love them! I have a turban too but it's red haha!

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know, I think your blog is fab 🙂



  9. Hey Hannah! I'm so glad you liked the sweater that much, it must be around $35 if I remember it correctly. Red turban would look lovely on you!
    Thank you so much, of course, I'd be honoured! 🙂


  10. Hahaha, well you can always get a smaller purse from Accessorize or Topshop, they're pretty handy in cases like this, and it will look great inside a transparent clutch! Thank you so much Faizah!


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