If You Live With Me, I’ll Die For You

I woke with the news regarding that our very lovely government made a new law regarding the internet, where they will be able to shut down any website they prefer, so that they can save what’s left of their so called name. They already shut down Soundcloud because some voice memos were leaked which happened to be connected to the bribery that our Prime Minister controls, and that everybody knows, and I’m sure there will be many sites gone in a blink of an eye without people even noticing it. I thought we were living in the 21st century, but apparently our government wants to take us back to way before. If you’re interested in our politics, here is an amazing article that was published on The New York Times, summing up pretty much everything from the Gezi Protests, to the Erdoğan vs. Gülen cold war: (Click click click)
So if by any chance you can’t access my blog, or that I will be long gone from it, blame my government. Anyway, enjoy our little experiment (my brother loves to play with the lighting) accompanied by my dad’s cat!

Güne, pek sevgili hükümetimizin internet ile ilgili çıkardığı yasayla başladım, istedikleri herhangi siteyi anında kapatabilmelerini sağlayacak olan yasayla, ünlerine ün eklemek için olsa gerek herhalde. Soundcloud‘u çoktan kapadılar, çünkü Başbakanımızın kontrolünde olan rüşvet operasyonuyla ilgili ses kayıtları sitede paylaşılmaya başlanmıştı, ki herkes de bunun farkındaydı, ve eminim göz açıp kapayıncaya kadar birçok siteye erişimimiz engellenecek. 21. yüzyılda yaşadığımızı sanıyordum, ama görünen o ki, hükümetimiz çok daha gerilere gitmemiz için ellerinden geleni yapıyor. The New York Times‘da çok güzel yazılmış ve neredeyse tüm bu olayları, Gezi Parkı‘ndan Erdoğan vs. Gülen soğuk savaşına kadar, özetleyen bir makale okudum, makale İngilizce olsa da, buraya tıklayarak ulaşabilirsiniz.
Yani eğer şans eseri bloguma ulaşamaz ya da çok uzun bir sürede post koymazsam, bilin ki bu hükümetimin suçu. Neyse, kardeşimle yaptığımız küçük deneyin tadını çıkartın (kendisi ışıkla oynamaya bayılıyor), babamın kedisinin eşliğinde!

Wine Sweater, Ebay (click)
Flowered Pants, Mango
Thrifted Heels
Photos by: Efe GÜLER
Keep on smiling,
Gülümsemeye devam edin,

30 thoughts on “If You Live With Me, I’ll Die For You

  1. I heard of your law being changed and it's unbelivable, I don't know what to say. Horrible that people cannot get all the information that is actually out there! You look gorgeous, btw. 🙂


  2. It's sad, really, and we can't really do anything, even in the voting procedure because they change even that. We're just waiting for a miracle… Thanks a lot though 🙂


  3. Your brother is talented, the lighting makes everything look more ethereal!

    Like always, your outfit is great! I can't seem to pull off floral pants though :/
    Do you think lack of height plays a part in it?


  4. Thanks a lot Faizah! ❤ And on the contrary, I'm petit myself, and with the right combination you can put emphasis on your legs AND make them look longer. Wear heels, go for high waisted pants -if you can find-, or simply put on a longer top! These tricks saved my life, I hope it works for you too. 🙂


  5. Incredible look!! Eda everytime you post a new look, I fell in love with that look!! 😛 Well you have a great sense of style and you know how to carry yourself gracefully!! And as always you look beyond beautiful! I wish I would have a daughter like you 😉 <3 Hugs

    Keep in touch



  6. Thank you so much Aini! Well, I might have overreacted there a bit (just a bit, I promise), it is a serious issue for people who share so much things regarding politics on their web profiles, but of course, it can be me, it can be anyone basically. Thanks once more for your kind words, I wouldn't want to miss out your posts as well! xx


  7. This may be the most supportive and friendly comment I ever received, thanks for making my day Charu! I'm so glad who have an amazing taste herself appreciates what I do! And I hope you'll have a better daughter than myself! 🙂


  8. oh, I fall in love with your pants from the first sight. It reminds me of my favourite russian folk Gzhel pattern, which I'm literally in love with. Those photographs are adorable, you look so charming and naturally beautiful) Sun is everythere! How great!
    Wish you a wonderful day ahead!


  9. I actually had to search for the Gzhel pattern but indeed, the pants look very similar to them! Thank you so much lovely Alexandra, Istanbul's weather is beautiful nowadays, isn't it? 🙂
    Have a great week!


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