Your Words in My Head, Knives in My Heart life has been like a roller coaster lately, one week everything is pretty dull and boring, and on the next, there are tons of things waiting for me. Like last week for instance, I was at this EYP conference where I had the time of my life and got to experience being a Vice President of the conference for the first time, and this week, I’m back with my boring school and monotone life. Though I can’t really complain, since I love both my lectures and the weather lately. Oh, and exactly one week from today, I’ll be in Paris(!!!!!) along with my two closest friends. We’ll be staying there for 5 days, and any tips and recommendations are more than welcomed! I’m still searching for the tiniest inspiration that my life has lacked for so long, and I gotta thank all of you who has been visiting my blog in my absence, I’m hoping to get back on track soon! Oh and before I forget, you guys should watch Divergent, it’s such a great movie and reminded me a lot of The Giver, one of my favourite books. And if you’re not watching Dexter, you should!
Blouse // Koton via Modagram
Pants // Koton
Shoes // Thrifted
The Rest // Mom’s
Keep on smiling,

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