Interpret the Eyes as They Die, Should I Cry, Should I Love

I know it’s summer and I should be wearing all cute and girly colours but I just can’t help it, don’t you agree that black has this tempting thing that drives everyone into wearing it all the time? Anyways, I’ll spend this week with finishing the book “A Game of Thrones” and I’m sure you’ll hate me when I say this; but I didn’t like the book. I mean, I adore how George R. R. Martin wrote it, it’s really fascinating how a man can tell so much with so little words, how he can make you love literature, but the story didn’t really catch me. Maybe it’s because I couldn’t give myself into it the fullest because of all the unnecessary things that happened this year due to the end of highschool but I also believe that I’m a sucker for more real things, as much as my heart will always have a special place for Harry Potter. I also have this weird habit of not being able to read anything else when I start a brand new book, so I literally have to finish this one before I put my hands on anything else, and let me tell you: I have a wide collection of books waiting for me on my shelf. I’m thinking of reading some classics, what do you say about that? Do you like reading books? What are your favourites? Any suggestions for me to read? Tell me!
Biliyorum yaz geldiği için hep şirin ve cici renkler giymem gerekiyor ama dayanamıyorum, sizce de, siyahın insanın üzerinde sürekli onu giyme isteği uyandıran garip bir etkisi yok mu? Her neyse, bu haftamı “A Game of Thrones” kitabını bitirerek geçirmeyi planlıyorum ve bunu söylediğimde benden nefret edeceğinizi biliyorum ama; kitabı gerçekten sevmedim. Yani, George R. R. Martin’in yazarlığı gerçekten enfes, çok az kelimeyle o kadar çok şey anlatabilmesi gerçekten inanılmaz, edebiyatı sevmenizi sağlaması da öyle, fakat hikaye beni sarmadı. Belki bu sene olan bütün o “lise bitiyor” zırvalıkları yüzünden kendimi veremeyişimden olmuştur, fakat daha gerçek şeylerin ilgimi çektiğini de biliyorum, ama ne olursa olsun kalbimde her zaman Harry Potterın apayrı bir yeri olacak. Aynı zamanda bir kitabı bitirmeden, öbürüne başlayamama gibi garip bir huyum da var, bu yüzden bu kitabı, başkalarına elimi sürmeden gerçekten bitirmek zorundayım ve size söylemeliyim ki: rafımda beni bekleyen onlarca kitabım var. Klasiklerden okuyayım diyorum, siz ne dersiniz? Okumayı sever misiniz? En sevdiğiniz kitap ne? Bana önerebileceğiniz herhangi bir kitap var mı?

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Wearing: Crop Top, Tobi* // Asymmetric Skirt, Bershka // Black Heels, Pull&Bear // Feathered Necklace, Gina Tricot.

22 thoughts on “Interpret the Eyes as They Die, Should I Cry, Should I Love

  1. I've heard about this book, but personally I didn't have a chance to read it. As for Harry Porter, he is one of my favourite characters too:) I love reading too, though sometimes it's hard to find a good book. Coming back to the outfit, I think black can be even brighter and more radiant than other colorful shades. You look wonderful, that's true! Gorgeous shots, well done! Have a great time! Best wishes, Alexandra


  2. I actually started this book to then watch the TV series of it and compare them, but as you see, it didn't catch me… Who doesn't love Harry Potter?! 🙂 Thank you so much!


  3. I think, dearest Eda, this stylish and cool outfit is perfect for your actual mood! And because I´m a really big reader (if I don´t blog as much at the moment) I know that is very difficult to recommend a book to another person because the tastes in the contents and styles are so different! I prefer to read books about real experiences and persons and what I don´t like are love stories …

    Wish you a wonderful rest of the weekend!

    xx from Bavaria, Rena


  4. I know that feel when you want to wear black when you should wear colours instead.happens to me all the time 🙂 my favorite books are the ones by adler olsen


  5. OK this is just AMAZING, the background (looks like paradise) and you look stunning, the skirt is amazing, love these asymmetrical skirts sooo much 😉


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